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Photo by Luís Pissarro



David Pissarro is a musician, artist, composer and writer based in Lisbon, Portugal.

Music has been part of his life since he was born so it was only natural for him to fall in love with it and use it as one of his main artistic mediums. From a young age he has been living and breathing music influence of his artist father and jornalist mother.

He started studying classical guitar and electric bass in his early teen years with some of the best jazz guitarists in Portugal (Zé Miguel Vieira e João Miguel Reis) and soon he discovered the world of the electric guitar, an instrument amazing to play but also a great composing tool.

At the time, he not only got really into extreme metal (bands like Beyond Creation, First Fragment, Obscura, Nile, Vitriol) but also discovered the world of jazz (particularly bossa nova, action of his teachers) and world music, a group of musical styles which now are crucial for David’s writing. Later on he got way more influenced by bands that are very different from the majority of all, like Imperial Triumphant and Daughters, something that made him try to write very different music.

Some of the biggest influencies in jazz are guys like Chet Baker, Miles Davis, Louis Arsmtrong, Dave Brubeck, Paul Desmond and later on, John Zorn, Ornette Coleman and Charles Mingus. Others like Yamandu Costa, Piazzolla, Estas Tonne, Django Reinhardt are also very influencial on his playing and his writing, particularly Yamandu Costa.

He soon discovered his skills for songwriting and in all of the bands on which he’s been, he’s written a great deal of the songs and lyrics, something that was completely natural for him to do.

Also at the time he started to really get into literature, with the main writer who started it all being Charles Bukowski, still one of his favorite writers and poets. One of the aspects that is very important for David is the writing of lyrcis, something that is mainly looked upon as something secondary on a lot of music, but for him the message in music is as important or even more than the music, it can’t be dull and meaningless. In terms of lyrics it’s very important for David that the lyrics are honest and poetic, but nothing dull or exaggerated. They need to be something that has happened to him or that come from a very honest place inside of him. Bukowski poetry is very influencial for David’s lyrics but also lyrics by guys like Alexis Marshall (Daughters), Niklas Kvarforth (Shining) and lyrics by bands like Medico Peste and Deathspell Omega. Other writers that have had and still have a big effect on David’s writing are Ernest Hemingway, Henry Miller, Georges Bataille, Chico Buarque, Camus, Nietzsche, Chico Buarque, Leonard Cohen, Adolfo Luxúria Caníbal, etc. All of these influencies made him start to also write a lot of poetry, now a very important part of David’s life.

Another area that is also very important is painting, something that in the last year he became very passionate about. With an early influence of his painter father and later on painters like Pollock, Kooning, Picasso, Francis Bacon, David has started paiting on his own style, a kind of abstract painting that as been compared to labyrinthic painting.

Nowadays, David studies Audio Engineering at the Lisbon School of Music with great music and engineering professors and that’s why all productions of PSYCHO-D are recorded, mixed and mastered by David on his home studio.

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Photo by Luís Pissarro



Ricardo Tito is a drummer and percussionist based in Lisbon, Portugal.

He’s without any doubt one of the best drummers in the country, with a wide-range of techniques not achived by your average musician. He started playing drums to thrash metal and melodic metal, playing to bands like Kreator and Slayer and so Ricardo is big metalhead yet his influencies overcome any type of musical styles with his influencies going from extreme metal to smooth and cool jazz. Some of his major influences in metal are drummers like Gene Hoglan, Igor Cavalera, Eloy Casagrande, Nils “Dominator” Fjellström, Alex Rudinger and, of course, Dave Lombardo.

Ricardo has already 6 years of professional drumming and numerous session works throught the whole world, writing and playing drums for very different bands particularly in Europe.

He has also stepped into the world of jazz, where he studied for a while at Hot Club Portugal, in the Luís Villas Boas School.

Ricardo now joins his great friend, David Pissarro in the discovery of new sounds and emotions with PSYCHO-D, a project that oughts to create great dissonance yet melodic art and music, without any sort of artistic barriers.

He plays in a wide range of bands that are represented in the spectrum of metal music (PSYCHO-D, All Against, Okkultist, Cryptum) and he already counts with a lot of studio and live perfomance experience.

For this particular project Ricardo has written his drums shaped by very different and special bands for him like Der Weg Einer Freiheit, Imperial Triumphant, Gaerea, MGLA, Harakiri for the Sky e Batuskha and obviously adding his own personnal and intricate style.

In addition to being an amazing musician, Ricardo is also a great photographer, with an Instagram page fully dedicated professionally to the art of photography particularly photography of landscapes and ancient monuments.

Last year during the pandemic, Ricardo has also started his own clothing brand called Sagas Mythwear Clothing Co., a Portugal based clothing brand dedicated to Mythology and World History, particularly norse mythology.

He also teaches drum lessons on the spare time in his home studio, in Samora Correia.

Ricardo is endorsed by Raj Drumsticks and Vratim.

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Photo by Luís Pissarro