We’re Psychotic, We’re Delusional, We’re PSYCHO-D.

PSYCHO-D is an artistic project created and envisioned by the musician, artist and composer, David Pissarro.  I little while after the beginning of the pandemic, David started writing and creating music that had a very different sound and feeling than what he was used to write, something that lead up to him leaving his beloved and cherished band, Cryptum. After working on songs, David invited his great friend and amazing drummer, Ricardo Tito, to join him in his new explorations of the sonic world.

PSYCHO-D is the name created by David Pissarro which is the abreviation of the original name for the band, Psychotic Delusion yet David wanted to give the name more edge and something that really could draw attencion to it. Then he had the ideia of creating with the name something the could look like a disease or a virus name, so it turned out to be, PSYCHO-D.

It’s important for David that the songs have a sort of freedom and almost chaotic feeling intrinsically so the majority of them doesn’t have a constant structure either in terms of rhythm, melody or harmony, rather, during composition, David’s goal is to allow the music to breathe and “almost show itself to him”, so he tries to let the music take it’s natural course. 

Not being tied up with a constant structre allows the songs to be very different one from another, which then makes the sound of the band very versatile, going from full on black metal to post-rock to experimental music.

PSYCHO-D takes influence from a lot of different styles within the extreme music catalogue. Some of the most influencial bands are Deathspell Omega, Medico Peste, Imperial Triumphant, Shining (SUE), Furia, Oathbreaker, Deafheaven, Daughters, Converge, Birds in Row, Portrayal of Guilt. However, the band’s sound takes influence from a variety of other musical styles like classical music (with composers like Scriabin, Bach, Schoenberg), jazz (Ornette Coleman, Miles Davis), a lot of styles within rock music, world music, etc.

For the writing of the drums for PSYCHO-D, Ricardo has taken influence from a lot of great bands that PSYCHO-D can trully  relate to, either in terms of sound, image or concept. Some of them are Der Weg Einer Freiheit, Imperial Triumphant, Gaerea, MGLA, Harakiri for the Sky and Batuskha. With this, the drums written for PSYCHO-D’s songs have a lot of variety and complexity yet they still manage to have a raw and honest sound, which is something that is only achievd by having a great musician behind the drumkit, Ricardo Tito.

The lyrical themes explored by David in this project are spread across a big “umbrella” of themes from philosophy, suicide, depression, the human mind, human nature and the human condition overall, social criticism, imagination, etc. In terms of lyrics it’s very important for David that the lyrics are honest and poetic, but nothing dull or exaggerated. They need to be something that has happened to him or that come from a very honest place inside of him. Bukowski poetry is very influencial for David’s lyrics but also lyrics by guys like Alexis Marshall (Daughters), Niklas Kvarforth (Shining) and lyrics by bands like Medico Peste and Deathspell Omega. Other writers that have had and still have a big effect on David’s writing are Ernest Hemingway, Henry Miller, Georges Bataille, Chico Buarque, Camus, Nietzsche, Chico Buarque, Leonard Cohen, Adolfo Luxúria Caníbal, etc.

PSYCHO-D tries to make ties with all sorts of arts and music, not wanting to limit theirselves and/or their art, so this project takes a very alternative view on music and art, having a lot of influences from plastic arts, literature and film other than just music and sound in general. This aspect of the band’s concept can be found simply by looking at the artwork for “LIBERATION” which is a painting done by David Pissarro. With this it’s shown the importance of the image and the visual aspect for PSYCHO-D‘s artistic concept.

All music and lyrics written by David Pissarro and drums written by Ricardo Tito.

All music performed by PSYCHO-D.

All photos by Luís Pissarro.


David Pissarro on vocals, guitars, bass, orchestral arrangements, composition, lyrics, production, engineering, management and design.

Ricardo Tito on drums and percussion.

Here’s some other bands, musicians and composers from which PSYCHO-D takes inspiration:

Gaerea, Shining (NOR), Septicflesh, Gorguts, Rammstein, Cult Leader, Plebeian Grandstand, Der Weg Einer Freiheit, Harakiri for the Sky, Batuskha, Lingua Ignota, Alexis Marshall, Tamino, Yamandu Costa, Astor Piazzolla, Paco de Lucia, Lizst.